Learn vocabulary for online football betting.

One of the services offered by online casinos would be the lack of sports betting for sure. Because online sports betting, especially football. Football betting is known as one of the most popular sports ever. Although there are many types of sports, but the sport that is number 1 regularly is football, so we have compiled a glossary of football betting terms. Terminology used in football betting at various online casinos that you should know before starting to bet. If you’re ready, let’s go see it!
Learn vocabulary to become a soccer master.
Live football is a football sport that will have a live broadcast or live broadcast today according to the schedule.
Handicap ball price Handicap or HDP is the ball price with the most popular football betting volume, which will have 2 numbers, namely the next team price and the secondary team price.
Over-Under or O-U is betting on the ball to predict whether the goal will be higher or lower.
Odd-Even or O-E odds are football bets to predict whether the outcome of a goal will be an even number or an odd number.
Half-time or full-time ball prices First Half-Full Time or FH-FT is betting on football only for the first half (45 minutes) or full time (90 minutes), with the abbreviation H is the home team, A is the away team. D is a draw and it is recommended that you read more about the abbreviation symbol.
first goal ball price First Goal-Last Goal or FG-LG is a bet on the team that scores the first goal, last goal, or no goals have been scored.
Money Line Money Line or ML is betting on the home team or away team or bet that the result will be a tie. Judging by the results of the competition
Options for pre-set football betting or Early Market by betting on the team that will play the match you want. whether today or tomorrow or any other day to compete
Betting on 2 chances or Double chance is betting with a single option, such as 1x predicting whether the home team wins or draws, x2 predicts whether the away team wins or draws and 12 predicts the home team. or the visiting team wins
Football betting to predict the total goals of a match Total Goal or GL is a prediction of the total score. If you guessed correctly, you get a big bet, but if you guess incorrectly, you lose your bet.
Betting on a set of football or a Mix Parley step is to bet on a set of football that is bet 3 or more pairs to win more prizes than before.
Betting on Tournament Outright football or big events Is to bet on which team will be the champion in that program.
And this is only part of it that will be used for preliminary online football betting. If you frequently bet on football You’ll become more familiar with these terms and use them. Want to experience some online football betting? Sign up with us now

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